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At Magnetic Marketing Group Inc. we have developed many areas where you can spread your business’ footprint from local to across the country. We customize each client’s marketing plan based on your individual needs and target market. Marketing in our world is constantly changing and new ideas are developed daily. One of the most recent areas to blossom is Social Media. We strive to stay at the forefront of advertising strategies to increase our clients chances for success.

Your website is only effective if people see it. We design our sites with valid CSS and XHTML so internet search engines can find and navigate to your web site. We help you establish keywords to raise your Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking. We help set up Adword campaigns so you can advertise on the leading search engines and target the audience you want. We will show you how to track the traffic, empowering you to maximize your internet presence.

SEO allows you, your site and company to be found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Proper optimization increases your web site customer volume.

With social media you can build valuable customer relationships across the world. With any successful business you will always need ample relationship building. We use companies like Facebook and LinkedIn to accomplish this.

How do we do it?

The 3 C’s of Web SEO and Web Marketing

Part of what Magnetic Marketing Group does is to look at and analyze the “Code” of your website. Every website has anomalies or errors in the code. Google is looking at your website from that point of view. To see what the “code” of you website looks like, go to your homepage… move the cursor out to the right or left in an open area and “Right Click”. A window will pull down and select “view source”. This is what your website looks like to Google…

Once you sign your contract with Magnetic Marketing Group we will help “fix” the Code in your Title tags, Meta Descriptions, headers, footers and other parts of your website.

The foundation of getting your website on page one of Google is in the Code. If this critical part of your site is not correct then you will never be on page 1. Magnetic Marketing Group will provide this “I.P” or Intellectual Property to you and your web master. These changes are very targeted and specific to your website and to the most important Key Word Phrases to get you ranked on page 1.


Content is the second “C” of SEO. Content deals with the actual words on the page of your website. This too is a very crucial step of marketing your website. The words on the page need to match what your potential customer would be searching for.

We like to help people understand that “content” can best be explained by the “Rules of 5?. A good page of content, or a good blog post, would be not more than 500 words. There would be about 5 paragraphs, with no more than 5 sentences in each paragraph. In each paragraph you repeat the key word at least 1 time so over the entire page or post it is repeating at least 5 times.

This process may seem slightly redundant to the human eye, or to your high school English teacher, but to Google this is a “content rich environment”.


Finally the Campaign. This is where Magnetic Marketing Group excels. It is not magic… it is science. The bottom line is you are busy running your business. You focus on the core principals and core activities that help you to be successful. The “Campaign” portion of the process is where we excel.

You don’t need to become an expert at Internet marketing and “SEO” you are just too busy. This is where our trained technicians spend time each week pounding away on the key board building links, post, blogs, DPR’s and other tools we use, to help Google see your site as one that has the right “Code” “Content” and the tools of the “Campaign” to put you on that all important page 1 of Google.

The unique part of Magnetic Marketing Group’s process is our pricing. We are confident in our skills and our process that we want to build a high trust long term relationship with your company.

Each month you will receive a report that shows you where you where… where you are now, and which way you are currently trending or going with Google.

Like we said before it is not Magic… it is Science… CODE… CONTENT… AND CAMPAIGN… Let Magnetic Marketing Group be “The Force Attracting Web Visitors” to your site. Magnetic Marketing Group offers a wide variety of Local Packages listed below. For Custom National packages please send in a request to see what the best fit is for you.

Beat Your Competition to the 1st Page of Google with “LOCAL SEO” Packages

Google with Local SEO

Internet opens great gates to the world of global marketing but even with the magnificence of its “Global” subjectivity, importance and need of local SEO simply cannot be ignored. Lately, the giant Google also published interesting findings that reveals:

  • Over 85 percent of local online searchers are genuine and serious to visit the searched up shop or business within 24 hours
  • About 70 percent online searchers accept Google recommendations
  • Shockingly, almost 60 percent of businesses do not have their local contact numbers updated or their site optimized for mobile devises such a smart phones and tablets.

These factors raise both – a serious concern and a great opportunity; a serious concern as it reinforces the importance of implementing solid local SEO strategies and a great opportunity as it is an unexplored marketing precinct with minimum competition only with those who deploy suitable SEO strategies.

Let Your Consumers Find You Easily

Common SEO practices waste ample of time in attracting maximum traffic from worldwide to your business website but eventually this may turn to be a hazardous strategy since it does not deliver expected business. This is whey the “LOCAL SEO” plans, listed below, focus on businesses that could have a customer base as close as a few miles away, like a Chiropractor, dry cleaner or other local businesses close to where consumers live and shop. Others are more regional and their scope of customer base could stretch up to say 1.5 hours covering a large city or metropolitan area.

Advertising or promoting your local business globally is not a sensible strategy, for example, if your business establishment is in US, there is no sense having a lot of online visitors from Europe. If you have the need for National SEO Marketing Campaigns you need to talk to one of our specialists and we will come up with a custom plan that fits the Scope Of Work for your National marketing campaign.

This fact drove us to plan our strategies to bring in right customers and not just lot of customers. Our comprehensive local SEO techniques ensure that your business website pops up over the search listings with complete details as soon as a search is generated by a consumer falling under your niche. This way, we help you to become the first and obvious choice of the customers.

How We Help

Local SEO is not very different from traditional marketing as both strategies involve deep understanding of customer behaviour. We, as an expert have developed and experienced SEO strategies for local promotions. We can help you to:

  • Remarkably enhance you rankings over all the major search engines
  • Gain a strong position over local business directories
  • Utilize optimized keywords to overrule your competition with prominent local search results
  • Achieve persistent rankings as we only use ethical SEO strategies that comply with all the recent search engine guidelines

Flexible Pricing Plans

SEO Pricing Plans To Suit Every Marketing Budget

Local Business Package Bronze Package 12 Mo Silver Package 12 Mo Gold Package 12 mo
No. of Primary Keywords Used 3 6 10
No. of Secondary Keywords Used 9 18 30
No. of Pages to be Optimized 3 6 10
Google Analytics Report false true true
Local Business Setup false true true
On Page Optimization false true true
Local Business Promotion false true true
Analytics and Reporting
Analytics Report false true true
Site Health Analysis false true true
Competitor Analysis false true true
Website Suggestion true true true
Backlink Audit Report true true true
Ranking Report true true true
Weekly Project Report true true true
Local Business
About Company – Create and Optimize true true true
List Your Biz in Google, Ping etc. true true true
Get Inclusion in Business sites and yellow pages 15 25 40
DMOZ Listing true true true
GPS Listing true true true
NAP Listing false 350+ 350+
Map Listing true true true
No. of Additional Local Web Directories 5 10 20
Listing in Review Sites true true true
On Page Optimization Process
Keyword Research true true true
Meta Content Optimization true true true
Webpage Optimization 3 6 10
Google Analytics & Webmaster Setup true true true
Create & Submit XML Sitemaps true true true
Image Name +Alt Tag Optimization true true true
Canonical Issues Optimization true true true
Robot.txt Optimization true true true
Outbound Link Redirect true true true
URL Optimization true true true
404 Redirect Optimization true true true
Structured Data false true true
Local Business Promotion
Citations false true true
New Local Business 3 Total 10 Total 20 Total
New Local Directories 10 Total 20 Total 40 Total
Map Updates true true true
Map Location Updates true true true
GPS Location Updates true true true
Classified Ad Creation 1 2 3
Classified Ad Submission 15 Total 25Total 50 Total
Video Distribution false 15 Total 25 Total
Video Creation false 1 3
Document Sharing false true true
FAQ Page Implementation false true true
FAQ Writing false 10 15
Press Release Writing false 1 2
PR Distribution to Broadcast Stations / TV / Radio false true true
PR Distribution to Media Websites false true true
PR Distribution to Content Networks false true true
PR Distribution to Paid Sites false 1 3
Content Marketing false 3 5
Social Media Promotion for 6 Months
FB Page Creation and Customization false true true
FB Updates false 10 25
Twitter Profile Creation and Customization false true true
Tweets false 10 25
G+ Page Creation and Customization false true true
G+ Updates false 10 25
YouTube Channel Creation and Customization false true true
Video Creation and Uploads false 1 3
Pinterest Account Creation and Customization false true true
Pin Board Creation and Uploads false 5 10
Rate / Month $395 / 12 mo $695 / 12 mo $995 / 12 mo