Boise Web Design

Both Visually Appealing and Highly Functional

In choosing a web design company, the choices can be tough. Here at Magnetic Marketing Group Inc. we promise to bring you the most cutting edge design work on the market. We build our sites from the ground up with top of the line graphic design coupled with web programming. This gives your website both the visual appeal it needs to attract and the functionality to accomplish your goals.

We design with valid CSS and XHTML giving your site the edge it needs. The site will load faster, search engines retrieve it faster, It is easily manageable with a (CMS) Content Management System and easily updated when you want to upgrade it’s design.

Magnetic Marketing Group keeps it simple. We offer 4 different packages with many features to choose from that any business can afford. We also offer Ala Carte options for extras like Social Media. Your sales Professional can assist you in choosing the right package for your business and our talented team of designers, developers, and writers will turn your dreams into an amazing website. All of our custom designed sites include:

  • 100% Custom Website Design
  • WordPress CMS System Fully editable
  • Google Mapping System
  • Blog management
  • Fully smart phone compatible
  • Full Search Engine Optimization and Submission
  • Social Media Management Set up For Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube
  • Hosting and Management of the Website
  • Image Gallery
  • Email Hosting (fully controllable by client)
  • Phone and Email Technical Support
  • Custom slide shows on front page and of historic and current photos and renderings

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need



Up to 10 Emails
Optimized for your local market (Basic SEO)
No Add-Ons
Artwork Package #1
Restrictions: Only basic content provided by client – Limit Stock image used in content – Embed codes (YouTube, Paypal, BBB, etc.) only when provided by client – Every page must have the same layout (header, footer, sidebar, etc.)




Up to 20 Emails
Optimized for your local market (Basic SEO)
Extras: (2) One of two options:
Two simple add-ons
One advanced add-on
Artwork Package #1




Up to 20 Emails
Optimized for your local market (Basic SEO)
Extras: (4) with a mixture of the two options
Four simple add-ons
Two advanced add-on
One advanced + Two simple add-ons
Artwork Package #2
Fully-customized header with text-overlay, movement and hover effects.
Extra navigation menus






Custom Designed Website Includes Shopping Cart, Check out and 1 year SSL Certificate.
Emails: as needed
Any number of pages
Different template / content layout possibilities per page
Cost slightly increases as number of pages grow
Optimized for your local market (Deluxe SEO)
Research is done initially to start the site
Basic SEO workup (SEO tool installed)
Stats Plugin installed
Cost increases for more comprehensive SEO
Extras are calculated based on total number of add-ons
Artwork Package #3



Your Website Can Have The Full Range Of Features

Defined as additional features or add-ons. Examples include but are not limited to: Custom Slide Show, Music, Streaming Video, Product Catalogs, Photo Galleries, or a Blog.

Extras Description
Custom Slide Show Usually placed in the header; consists of either high quality customer images or images. (Limited to 8 images.) Transitional effects can be used but are not always recommended.
Photo Galleries A single photo gallery skinned to fit the design of your site. Images should not be wider than 1000px or taller than 1000px. We recommend that you save them in a web-friendly format and limit them to 10-20 of your best images.
Website Stats Comprehensive website stats displayed on a password-protected page.
Custom Icons Social networking, navigations, iPhone bookmark, and/or favicon customized with their artwork style.
Events Calendar Dynamic calendar hooked to either a Google calendar or an internal WordPress calendar.
Custom Form Customized 123 Contact form for things like quote request, etc.
Media Player FLash: MP3, FLV, or YouTube stream setup in a customized player.
Media Player Plus HTML5/Flash: Same as above but works on tablet / mobile devices like iPads and iPhones (additional cost).
Blog A blog page skinned to fit your web site design. User permissions and back-end modifications are necessary.
Product Catalogs Customized section of WordPress geared towards displaying large lists of repetitive information. Limit of 10 products per type for initial build. This is not a store solution but it can be linked with a Paypal button.
SEO Research Customer’s local market is researched for more relevant keywords and strategies. We work with the customer for a set amount of time.
Back-end Customization Changes can be made to the backend catering to the customers needs.
E-Newsletter Announcement List style email newsletter with template designed to match the site. Sign-up fields added to website. Managed by customer
Members Only Limit sections of the website to logged-in and registered members. Choose whether members are able to register and verify themselves or if administrator can access them. Complex sites will have additional charges.
Stand Alone
Mobile / Tablet Integration Make sites compatible for iPhones and Android devices.
MMG Branding Removal Remove the “Designed & Hosted by Magnetic Marketing Group” from the footer.

These Features can also be purchased Ala Carte at a later date.