inbounf-e1373401202835Now that you have the basic fundamentals in place, it is time to discuss how these can help you receive fast, quick results. Most people are hoping to see the results quickly when they spend the time and money to do something, especially when it comes to their business ventures. It is important to understand the significance of taking the time to develop a solid foundation along with creating a successful and well thought out strategy. This will help create a successful inbound marketing strategy.  Also, remember to initiate some type of plan, so that you have a clear idea of what goals you want to reach, the budget you want to spend, who you want to target, and what part of your business needs the most work.

Last week, we gave you a list of questions to help determine the goals and strategies for your business.  You might be sending the wrong messages to the right people. You might be sending the right messages to the wrong people. Keep in mind that if you want results fast for your inbound marketing strategy you need to be careful because you might be sending the right messages to the right people but in the wrong format, like sending a video to people who want to read, or even the wrong message to the wrong people. While these tactics below will help you get some quick results, it is important to remember that this process will take a while to have a fully developed solid marketing strategy and plan.

Here are a few options for getting started during the first few weeks that will help jump start your program to lead to faster results.

1. Move Your Website onto A CMS

Do you have to constantly ask for help for your basic website updates? If so, then it’s time you embrace the power of a website content management system. The use of a CMS platform is quickly becoming the industry standard for new websites. This allows marketing and other company personnel to make site updates quickly and effortlessly without programming knowledge. Having full access to your site allows for frequent content updates, the use of new and ongoing landing pages, ability to optimize page meta data, etc.

2. Start Blogging

If you haven’t considered blogging for your company then it is time to do so. Not only does blogging do a great job at showing off your company’s knowledge and how you can serve prospective clients, but it is the number one way to improve your website’s SEO performance since each new blog post is an additional page of fresh content for search engines to find and index. To point number one, selecting a CMS with a built in blogging platform is a must.

3. Create Content that Makes Visitors Want to Connect

Your website nowadays is much more than just an online brochure. Now you have the ability to use your website as a resource by using it as a place to convert your visitors into leads. This starts with creating compelling content offers that entice and attract them.  Make it so when they go to your site they can’t help but provide their name and contact info or want to call your business. You could also include an item that your visitors can download as well. This could be as simple as providing information on a service your business can provide, or an existing white paper that you can use as lead generation content.

2) Call-to-Action

Create a call-to-action graphic or button that draws current site visitors to your services or new material on your site.

4) Create an E-Mail Newsletter

Send an email to your existing contact database that brings them to your website and encourages them to contact your or visit your company’s website to see what you have to offer, and be sure to select the people that align with the stage in the buying cycle that piece of content most relates to.

Using these tactics will give you a taste of what the inbound marketing experience will be like once your program is up and running. The items above are a small division of what will be getting done weekly and monthly when your program is in full swing, but it’s a way to get some quick wins under your belt that’ll help you develop an understanding and gain some ground for your business.

The first few weeks of an inbound marketing engagement will require patience. Inbound marketing is not a quick fix or easy by any means. It requires work, continuous improvement, and planning. It won’t change the face of your business in a day, but if done properly will provide your business with a scalable marketing system that, over time, helps your business get found, get leads, grow sales, and reach your business goals more efficiently.